Verity Professionals connects highly skilled consultants in IT with clients and projects that leverage their unique expertise and passion.


Our goal? Delivering the professional talent required by leading organizations and their programs.


Since 2003, we have built extensive communities of top professionals with proven experience and credentials in Technical, Professional and Specialist roles. We have invested in the people, technology and management to ensure the highest level of professional support for our clients and employees, and have supported hundreds of direct end-clients and leading professional services firms.


We place great value and emphasis on the development of client relationships with companies that share our objective of high quality, professional, and accountable business partnerships. 

What's in a Name?


noun \ˈver-ə-tē\


A true principle or belief, especially one of fundamental importance.


The quality or state of being true or real.

Verity is much more than just a company name to us. The term defines how we operate our business: with integrity, honesty and uncompromising ethics, every day, with every decision we make.

Our Mission

To consistently provide our clients the most qualified IT consultants and employees available.

Our Vision

We are committed to being the leading aggregator of organizational resource capability. We partner with and support our clients by providing the best expertise, guidance, capabilities and market intelligence for our clients to leverage to their best advantage.

Decades of Staffing Experience

We have many decades of combined staffing experience. That's why our clients look to us specifically to provide the best contract staffing and direct-hire services to support their internal and customer facing needs.​  

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